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Included on this page are quotes from coverage Studio Trophis has received from various sites and publications.

the white chamber

"Grisly and intriguing, with logical puzzles and surprising plot twists, Chamber is a first-rate garage game." - Charles Herold, New York Times, 6th May 2005. [Link]

"It's not a long game, but it makes up for that by having some nice puzzles and great cut scenes, as well as some funkly little Easter Eggs and four different endings... A great start for the Trophis team - we look forward to their next project!" - Leah Holmes, SFX Magazine, June 2005 (#131).

"A genuinely suspenseful horror game in a marvelously drawn anime style. All in all this game is a marvelous first
outing by Studio Trophis." - Justin Peeples, The Inventory, April 2005 (#24). [Link]

"What TWC really nails is the creepy atmosphere, very Silent Hill style, with a bit more than a tinge of splatter however. ... the sound is especially good. Creepy, high-quality sounds and very appropriate music; some sections are several notches above even commercial adventures in the sound department." - Francesco Poli, Videogames are only for those who deserve them, 20th April 2005. [Link]

"It awed me that they were able to capture the essence of Horror so well... This was one awesome game." - Robert Washburne, Just Adventure+, 18th April 2005. [Link]

press releases

  • 5th March 2006 - For The Game and the white chamber: international edition [HTML] [PDF]

media pack

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