about us

Studio Trophis is an independent production company specialising in entertainment productions, including feature animations and video games. Our staff consists of talented and dedicated artists in their fields, all working together to produce commercial quality productions.

Based in Sheffield, England our work is inspired by Japanese Anime & Manga, along with contemporary games and films from around the world. We primarily focus on developing our own original works of IP, but are always willing to discuss commissioned projects and partnerships.


Studio Trophis was formed through a gathering of students from Sheffield's two universities working together on a game project that made up part of a degree program. Working on this project a collection of like-minded individuals came together, each with a strong passion to make great games. With artists in the areas of graphics, sound, design and development we knew we had a strong team willing to show the dedication to produce professional quality works.

The original university project was quickly completed and a lot of time and effort was spent developing new techniques for producing 2D animated works using modern digital technology. From there we wanted to move on to a project that we could release to the public and we decided to rewrite and greatly expand upon the original game project using a more powerful middleware engine and to create a finished and polished game that we could release to the public free of charge. This is what became the white chamber.

the white chamber proved a big success and we hoped to carry on to make other great games. Sadly none of these plans ever came to fruition and right now Studio Trophis is on indefinite hold.

staff roster

We've included profiles of some of our key staff below. As well as those listed here we have a small army of testers, localisers and voice actors that contribute greatly to our projects.

Richard's Profile Image Richard Perrin

Producer / Designer

Responsible for overseeing Studio Trophis projects, Richard's designs are influenced by the best of Japanese console gaming.

Favourite games: Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VII, StarCraft, Radiant Silvergun, Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Resident Evil 4.

Paul's Profile Image Paul Johnson

Artist / Animator

Paul has given Studio Trophis it's own distinctive visual style. Inspired by Japanese anime and manga his artwork is unique and eye-catching. His tireless efforts have also allowed us to include meticulously hand-drawn cutscenes and animations.

Favourite artists: Masamune Shirow, Satoshi Urushihara, Ryusuke Mita, Hyung Tae Kim, Kenichi Sonada.

Zakir's Profile Image Zakir Rahman

Musician / Sound Engineer

With a wide taste in music and an ear for quality, Zakir brings a level of detailed craftsmanship to the audio of our projects.

Favourite musicians: Michiru Yamane, Gackt, Luna Sea, New Order, Jean Michelle Jarre, Aphex Twin, James Horner, Shigeaki Saegusa.