Studio Trophis closes doors

26th December 2009

It's the end of 2009 and now seems as good a time as any to formally announce what has been obvious for some years. Studio Trophis is no longer an active entity. All three of us have gone our separate ways and are each involved in our own projects.

This site will remain as it is, so the white chamber and our other bits and pieces will continue to be available but don't hold your breath for anything new to appear.

I, Richard Perrin, am working on some new game projects and you can check out my new portfolio site at:

Paul Johnson is hard at work on a fan-made Doctor Who animation which you can follow here:

I've not spoken to Zakir Rahman in some years so don't know what he's up to now. Last I heard he was doing translation work for Nintendo in Germany.

Thanks to everyone who supported us over the years, everyone who contributed, and everyone who played our game. Anyone new finding the game for the first time, hope you enjoy it, it was a lot of hard work and I think still means a lot to all of us.

the white chamber source code released

30th June 2008

With the new and hopefully final public release of the white chamber, I figured it was time to release the source code to the public. I always wanted to do this and I figure the time is now right. It's available on the downloads pages now if you're interested. Just make sure you you read the enclosed readme file for the licensing details.

Definitive Edition of the white chamber released...again

29th June 2008

On the downloads page you'll find the new edition of the white chamber containing German localisation including both text and voice. Last time we released this it had a serious bug but we think we've tested it much more thoroughly so with a little luck this should be our best and final public release of the white chamber.


22nd October 2007

Looks like the new German and Polish version of the white chamber has a major save game bug in it. We've pulled it for now and put the old version back up. We'll be investigating this week and try to get it back up as soon as possible

the white chamber German and Polish

18th October 2007

Today comes the release of the white chamber: definitive edition this is what we hope will be the final public release of the game. It adds in German and Polish localised text, and most significantly a choice of German or English voice acting. As you can seen we've also revamped the design of our website.