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For The Game is a story driven action puzzle game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Players control Lee Emery as he enters "The Galactic Games" in an attempt to prove himself the galaxy's greatest game player. Along the way Lee will face a variety of game challenges and be confronted by the darker side of gaming. This mysterious twisting adventure will be released for download the Studio Trophis site.

the features

  • 6 episodes of frantic action and gaming puzzles
  • A dark and twisting story about friendship, gaming, ambition and obsession.
  • Unique hand drawn Anime-style 2D graphics and cut-scenes
  • Epic interactive soundtrack
  • English voice acting
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

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game progress

For The Game was in production for over 4 years, during this time progress stopped and started many times for various reasons. Right now there is no foreseeable plan to finish the game.